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From now on we offer classroom courses, online courses and hybrid courses for all languages!

All language courses at TANDEM can now be carried out as classroom courses, online courses and “hybrid courses”. More information here.

German courses in Munich

Learn German in small groups!

German courses in Munich

TANDEM Munich language school offers a wide range of German courses in Munich for beginners to advanced learners in 6 different levels from A1 to C2: German intensive courses, German super intensive courses and summer courses, TestDaF, Deutsch B2 and Deutsch B1 exam courses, German evening courses, German minigroup and individual tuition.

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Course fees

German intensive courses

German intensive courses
Classroom, online or hybrid courses
20 class units per week

Course fees per week   125

Service fee                    50

Fees are in €uro

German intensive courses

German intensive courses in Munich

Learn German in small groups with 4 to a maximum of 10 participants. The German intensive course takes place from Monday to Friday, mostly from 9:30 am until 1:00 pm. This is the ideal course to learn German quickly and effectively. Read more ...

German super intensive courses

German super intensive courses in Munich

This German super intensive course, with 24 classroom hours per week, is even more intensive as the course described above. If you value a competent grammar learning environment and you want to intensively practise speaking German, then this course is the right one for you. Read more ...

German summer intensive courses

German summer intensive courses in Munich

The German summer course takes place from July to August, and this year it is from 6th July to 28th August. If you not only want to learn the German language effectively and intensively, but would also like to learn more about Munich and its surroundings, then this course is the perfect course for you. Read more ...

German courses in Germany

German courses in Germany

If you are independent of location and would like to get to know not only one city in Germany, then we have the perfect offer for you: Book a German combination course in Germany in at least 2 different cities, e.g. a combination of Munich and Berlin, Munich and Göttingen, Munich and Hamburg or Munich and Cologne. Read more ...

German TestDaF preparatory courses

German TestDaF preparatory courses in Munich

We will prepare you intensively for the  TestDaF certificate. Our skilled teachers practise exam materials with you as well as the exam process, so that you are most highly prepared to take the exam. Read more ...

German B2 exam preparatory courses

German B2 exam preparatory courses in Munich

You need a German certificate because you would like to work in German as, for example, a nurse or caregiver? Then you need to pass the telc Deutsch B2 examination. This course will help you to prepare perfectly for the exam so that you go in feeling confident that you will pass. Read more ...

German B1 exam preparatory courses

German B1 exam preparatory courses in Munich

If you would like to study at a conservatoire or become a German citizen, then you have to have a telc Deutsch B1 certificate. This German course will help you optimally prepare for the exam.
Read more ...

German evening courses (general language)

German evening courses in Munich

You work and have no time to visit an intensive German course? We have the perfect course for you: a twice-weekly German evening course with a total of 4 hours per week. Take our placement test and choose the course days and times. We will organise a suitable evening course for you. Read more ...

Business German courses

Business German courses in Munich

You already have good German language skills and would like to appear more confident in your area of business? Then try one of our German business-oriented courses. In this course you learn the structure, terms and definitions, business vocabulary and many expressions from the business world that you need for daily business, negotiations, presentations as well as for writing and telephoning. Read more ...

German mini-group courses

German mini-group courses in Munich

2 students and 1 teacher. The German mini-group courses in Munich are custom-made; You choose the course time, the pace and length of the class, and we determine the contents of the course together. You can choose between 1 to 8 hours of class per day. Read more ...

German one-to-one courses

German private lessons in Munich

This is an individualised program for fast advanced learners who want to learn German effectively and intensively. German private lessons at the time that is convenient for you! Reach your personal goal fast and effectively. Read more ...