• German courses in Munich

German course in Munich

Learn German in small groups!

Participants in a German course in Munich

Our German courses take place in the heart of Munich-Schwabing, only about 10 minutes from the city center. Our language school offers an ideal location for learning German in Munich.

We offer German courses in 6 different levels from A1 to C2, suitable for both beginners and advanced learners. Our native speaking teachers are qualified, dedicated and well trained and have many years of teaching experience. We teach exclusively in small groups to ensure that speaking is not neglected.

Our course program includes the following types of courses:

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German Intensive courses

German teacher in a German intensive course

Our German intensive courses are held in small groups of 4 to a maximum of 10 participants and are held from Monday to Thursday, mostly from 09:30 to 13:00. These courses are ideal to learn German quickly and successfully. Read more ...

German visa courses with additional modules

Four participants in a German visa language course

Are you looking for a German course to obtain a visa for a language stay in Munich? If so, our German visa course could be just what you're looking for. This course is not only characterized by its intensity, but also includes interesting additional modules that take place on Fridays. Read more ...

German summer intensive courses

Five students in a German summer course

Our summer German courses take place every year in July and August - this year from July 1 to August 23. If you not only want to learn German successfully and intensively, but also want to learn more about Munich and its surroundings, then this course is perfect for you. Read more ...

Special German courses

Two participants of a German special course

Complement your German language learning with additional modules offered on Friday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 or from 11:30 to 13:00. These modules can be added to our German intensive courses, German visa course, or German summer course to help you improve your language skills more quickly and effectively. Read more ...

German courses in Germany

Germany map

If you are location-independent and don't want to get to know just one city, we have the ideal offer for you: book a German course in at least two different German cities, e.g. in the combination Munich-Frankfurt, Munich-Bremen, Munich-Hamburg or Munich-Cologne. Read more ...

TestDaF preparatory courses

TestDaF logo exam course

Our TestDaF exam course prepare you intensively for the TestDaF exam. Our skilled teachers practise exam materials with you as well as the exam process, so that you are well prepared to pass the exam successfully. Read more ...

C1 Hochschule exam courses

telc language tests logo

The telc examination Deutsch C1 Hochschule measures advanced German language skills specifically geared towards a university environment. This exam is designed for people who want to start studying at a German university. In this German course you will be specifically prepared for the exam. Read more ...

German B2 exam preparatory courses

telc language tests logo

Do you need the German B2 certificate to work as a nurse or caregiver in Germany? We offer you the opportunity to successfully take the exam. Our German B2 exam courses will help you to prepare perfectly for the exam so that you go in feeling confident that you will pass. Read more ...

German B1 exam preparatory courses

telc language tests logo

If you would like to study at a conservatoire or become a German citizen, you need to pass the telc Deutsch B1 certificate. We help you with our German B1 exam course to prepare for the examination. Read more ...

German Evening courses (general language)

Two participants of a German evening course

Are you working and don't have time to attend an intensive German course in the morning? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you! Instead, attend our German evening course, which takes place twice a week and is held in small groups of up to 9 people. Read more ...

Business German courses

Teacher and participant of a German course for the profession

You already have a very good command of German and would like to appear even more confident at work? Our job-oriented German course offers exactly what you need! Here we teach you structures, expressions and vocabulary from the professional context as well as phrases that you can use in your work environment. You will be able to feel more confident in everyday office situations, negotiations, presentations, writing and telephoning. Read more ...

German mini-group courses

Two people in a German mini group course

Our German courses in mini groups consist of a maximum of 2 students and 1 teacher. We offer a tailor-made program where you set the course times, the learning pace and the course duration. Together we will then determine the content so that the course is optimally tailored to your needs. You can choose between 2 and 4 lessons per day. Read more ...

German one-to-one courses

Participant in German individual lessons

Our individual program allows for fast progress and intensive, successful German learning. Here you have the possibility to book individual lessons at the times that suit you best. Your teacher will design the course program especially for you to reach your specific goal quickly and effectively. Read more ...

TANDEM Sprachschule München: Deutschkurse und Fremdsprachen

Why is it a good idea to learn German?

- Professional advantages: German is an important language in the business world and is used by many companies worldwide. In Germany, there are many leading companies in various industries, including the automotive industry, mechanical engineering, and the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. If you speak German, you have a much better chance of finding a job.
- Study opportunities: Germany is known for its world-class universities and research institutions. If you speak German, you can apply to study in Germany.
- Cultural advantages: Germany has a rich cultural history and many sights to discover. Learning the language allows you to better understand German culture and get to know Germany better.
- German can help you make new friends: When you speak German, you can connect with people more easily and make new friends.
- German is not as hard to learn as you think: Many people think that German is a very difficult language, but this is not necessarily true. Of course, there are some challenges, such as the grammatical cases, but with practice and perseverance, you can learn German very well.

What is the best way to learn German?

- In a language school, of course! At TANDEM you can attend a well-structured German course and study with qualified teachers who can help you learn grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary systematically.
- Practicing the language is the key to success. Try to speak, listen and read a little German every day.
- Watch movies and series in German. Movies and series are an entertaining way to improve your listening comprehension.
- Try to read German books and newspapers: Reading books, newspapers and magazines in German will help you improve your reading comprehension and vocabulary.
- Find a TANDEM partner: This is a great way to improve your language skills by talking to someone who speaks German as a native language.

Why is it good to learn German with TANDEM?

- TANDEM has experienced and qualified teachers who specialize in teaching German as a foreign language. They bring a lot of experience and knowledge to help learners improve their language skills effectively.
- Class sizes at TANDEM are small, which means that each learner can receive more individual attention and support from the teacher. This leads to faster progress in learning.
- TANDEM also organizes cultural activities and excursions to give learners the opportunity to practice their language skills in a practical environment.
- TANDEM offers a variety of courses, from beginner courses to courses for advanced learners. There are also specialized offerings such as exam courses for the telc and TestDaF exams.
- TANDEM uses modern teaching methods to make lessons more interactive and interesting. This means that learners are more engaged and can make faster progress.