Course fees 2024

Business German Courses Munich

Business German courses
Classroom or hybrid courses
4 teaching units (TU) per week

12 weeks         € 460
reduced*         € 414

plus teaching materials


Business German Courses Munich

For all subsequent courses 5% discount!

Business German courses

4 teaching units (TU) per week

Teacher and participant of a German course for business

Our German courses for business are designed for students who have already completed the basic level (A1-B1).

In this work-oriented German course, you will work with typical business texts, among other things. You will learn the structures and terms, specialist vocabulary, and many phrases from the professional context to be more confident in everyday office life, negotiations, presentations, writing, and telephoning. (Also suitable for job application training)

Our German courses for the workplace take place twice a week, with each module lasting 12 weeks. The groups are small, and the maximum number of participants is limited to 8. The German courses for professionals are available all year round and we offer the possibility of joining courses already under way, after having taken our placement test and a trial lesson, free of charge (in this case, you only pay for the remaining course units).

There is a 5% discount on all follow-up courses! General German courses in the evening can be found here.

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Starting dates

Business German course Levels Starting date Duration Class times Book online now!
4 units, 2 days per week B2 to C2 Any time* 12 weeks 6.20 to 7.50 p.m.
8.00 to 9.30 p.m.

Kurstermine * With the requisite previous knowledge,
       entry to a course is possible every Monday!

Last day of class 2023: December 15
Last day of class 2024: December 19

Course fees 2024

Business German courses
Classroom or hybrid courses
4 teaching units (TU) per week
Course fees
12 weeks € 460
reduced** € 414
  plus teaching materials

Information on business German courses

  • Small groups: 4 to 9 participants
  • 4 teaching units (TU) per week (1 TU = 45 min)
  • Course duration: 12 weeks
  • Class days: Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday
  • Class times: 6.20 pm to 7.50 pm or 8.00 pm to 9.30 pm
  • Levels: B2 - C2
  • Oral and written placement tests
  • It is possible to join a course at any time
  • incl. Tandem-partner
  • Minimum age: 18

* Price reduction for school and university students, au pairs and unemployed persons on presentation of valid identification.

To find the level that is right for you, we recommend that before your course is due to begin, you take a short placement test at the school, free of charge.

Teaching materials not included in the course price.

The school is closed on the following public holidays:

2024: 06.01; 29.03; 01.04; 01.05; 09.05; 20.05; 30.05; 15.08; 03.10; 01.11 and from 21.12.2024 to 07.01.2025