Course fees 2024

German intensive course fees

German intensive course
Classroom or hybrid courses
16 teaching units (TU) per week


per week
€ 120,00
per month
€ 480,00

Service fee*       €   50,00
(one-time, incl. 1st book)

High season fee
per week            €  20,00
(Juli 1 until August 23, 2024)

German Intensive course Munich

16 teaching units (TU) per week

German teacher in a German intensive course

Our German intensive course in Munich with qualified, friendly, and native-speaking teachers take place from Monday to Thursday and consist of 16 teaching units (TU) per week. The maximum group size is limited to 10 students to ensure individual attention. Each intensive German course is led by two teachers who teach two days a week and are available all year round.

By the way: The first book and all additional learning materials are included in the one-time service fee.

If you need or have already obtained a visa for a German course in Germany, or if 16 hours per week are not enough for you and you would like more time to learn German, we invite you to discover our German visa course with interesting additional modules.

It is possible to book the following modules individually, which take place on Fridays and include two additional lessons:

• Grammar review for all levels
• Conversation classes for levels A2 to C2
• Phonetics training for all levels
• Writing training
• A regional studies program
• A Bavarian course

For more information on the additional modules and their availability, please click here.

In addition to our intensive German courses, we also offer TANDEM language partnerships and a diverse leisure and cultural program. Our exciting excursions give you the opportunity to explore Munich and the surrounding area as well as to practice your German language skills.

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Starting dates 2024 (all levels)

Having the necessary knowledge, you can enroll in a course any Monday!

January February March April
8.1 5.2 4.3 Tue 2.4
April - May June July July - August
29.4. 3.6 1.7 29.7
Aug - Sep Sep Oct - Nov Nov - Dec
26.8 23.9 21.10 18.11

Course start for beginners without previous knowledge:
08.01; 05.02; 04.03; 02.04; 29.04; 03.06; 01.07; 29.07; 26.08; 23.09; 21.10; 18.11
Course start for participants with previous knowledge: every Monday!

Last day of class 2024: December 20

Course fees 2024

German intensive course
Classroom or hybrid course
16 teaching units (TU) per week
per week
per month
€ 120,00
€ 480,00
Service fee*
(one-time, incl. 1st book)
€ 50,00
High season fee
per week
(Juli 1 until August 23, 2024)
€ 20,00

Information on German intensive courses

  • Small groups: 4 to 10 participants
  • 16 teaching units (TU) per week (1 TU = 45 min) plus optional modules every Friday,
    each including 2 teaching units (TU)
  • Learning progression: A complete level takes about 128 to 140 teaching units (2 months)
  • 2 teachers in each group
  • Lessons from Monday to Thursday
  • Class times: 9.30 am to 1.00 pm and occasionally from 1.30 pm to 4.45 pm
  • All levels: A1 - C2
  • Choice of course duration
  • Tandem-partner: 3 weeks into the course
  • Interesting leisure programme
  • Oral and written placement tests
  • Minimum age: 18 years

The service fee includes: German placement test, your first course book (further books can be purchased at the office), leisure programme (1 activity per week, transport and entrance fees not included, during the German summer intensive courses 3 activities per week), certificate of attendance, course card and TANDEM® learning partnerships (where available).

If Monday is a public holiday, the German intensive courses start on Tuesday. We recommend a minimum course length of 2 weeks. Minimum age is 18. We accept students at all levels.

The German intensive courses, German visa language courses and German summer intensive courses are organised in concurrent four-week blocks. At the beginning of each new block we (re-) assess each participant and assign new levels.

A level is completed after 128 to 140 units. We use the textbooks Spektrum at beginner level and the textbooks Erkundungen or Aspekte neu at intermediate level. These are all supplemented by our own material.

The school is closed on the following public holidays:

2024: 06.01; 29.03; 01.04; 01.05; 09.05; 20.05; 30.05; 15.08; 03.10; 01.11 and from 21.12.2024 to 07.01.2025

There are no replacement lessons for those missed because of a public holiday.