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"München leuchtet" - "Munich shines" - and how!

So said Thomas Mann, way back in 1902 and his words still hold true today. This beautiful old city is a media, arts and cultural metropolis, the capital of Bavaria, home to princes and kings down the ages and, to top it all, Germany's economic centre for technology: the so-called 'Silicon Valley' of Europe!

Munich by numbers

With a population close on 1.6 million, this 866-year old historical centre is Germany's third largest city. It boasts 14 colleges and universities attended by some 94,000 students, 61 theatres, 78 cinemas, 2 opera houses, 46 museums and art galleries including the world-renowned 'Neue Pinakothek', 'Alte Pinakothek' and 'Pinakothek der Moderne'. To add to this impressive list are 9 breweries and, of course, the Oktoberfest (Sept. 21st-Oct. 6th 2024). This is the world's biggest festival attracting over 6.5 million visitors each year to its legendary beer tents.

Munich and its surroundings

The area around Munich is certainly not to be missed ! Head south and you will discover crystal clear lakes amidst the stunning mountain scenery of the Bavarian and Austrian Alps - superb ski centres in the winter and fantastic for hiking, mountain biking and much more during the rest of the year. King Ludwig II's fairy-tale castle 'Neuschwanstein' nestles in the Alpine foothills only 120km away. Last but not least, many other historical German and European cities are close enough for weekend visits - Augsburg (60km); Salzburg (136km); Nuremberg (160km); Prague (380km); Vienna (430km), to name but a few.

Munich and us

At TANDEM Munich you'll find a great learning centre, an easy-going atmosphere and a competent and experienced body of teachers who are not just here to teach. They are here to help you settle in to the German way of life and make the whole Munich experience more accessible!

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