Course fees 2024

Additional modules for German

Additional modules for German
grammar, conversation,
regional studies, pronunciation
and phonetics, writing training,
(Classroom or hybrid courses)
2 teaching units (TU) per week

per week
€ 20,00
per month € 80,00

Course duration: 4 weeks per module

Special German courses

Grammar, conversation, regional studies, pronunciation and phonetics, writing training, Bavarian

Three participants in an additional German module

Combine our German Intensive Course, the German Visa Course or our German summer course with interesting additional modules that take place on Friday mornings from 9:30 to 11:00 or from 11:30 to 13:00. This way you can improve your German even faster and more effectively.
Various additional modules are offered, including grammar, conversation, writing training, phonetics, regional studies and Bavarian! With these modules you will improve your grammar skills, increase your oral fluency, refine your pronunciation and perfect your writing skills. You will also gain exciting insights into the culture and language of Bavaria.

By the way: You can also take our additional modules independently of the intensive German courses!

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(German A1 and A2)

In this grammar course we explain and review the essential structures and rules of A-Grammar in an easy to understand and clear way. Among other things, we focus on modal verbs, the use of tenses, the declension of adjectives and reflexive verbs. Of course, we are also happy to answer any questions you may have about German-A-Grammar that have not yet been answered.

(German B1 and B2)

A good command of German grammar at levels B1 and B2 is crucial for successfully passing the telc German B1 and telc German B2 exams. Additionally, in many situations in everyday life and in the professional world, it is often expected that language structures are mastered with confidence. In our B-Grammar course, we explain and practice the most common grammatical uncertainties.

(German C1 and C2)

With a solid understanding of C-level grammar in all its facets, learners of German can demonstrate outstanding language competence. In this course, we will focus on challenging exercises, such as transforming sentences and texts. In this way, we encourage the flexible use of different grammatical structures, sharpen language awareness, and convey stylistic confidence. The topics covered are directly related to everyday and professional life.

Conversation course

Do you have a more or less solid knowledge of German grammar, but unfortunately, have had limited opportunities to speak the language? Do you still find it difficult to speak fluently and react spontaneously in conversations with German speakers? Then this conversation course is for you. Using real-life topics and texts, you can improve your German, expand your vocabulary, and gain more confidence in speaking.

Regional Studies

Immerse yourself in German culture and learn about its history, customs, and traditions. Gain a broader understanding of Germany's cultural, social, geographic, historical, and political aspects.

Pronunciation and phonetics training

Pronunciation training aims to improve correct pronunciation in practice, while phonetics training involves a deeper analysis of sound formation and accentuation in speech. Both are important for achieving clear and authentic pronunciation.

Writing Training

Would you like to enhance your written expression in German so that you can write texts more proficiently? Our writing training course offers targeted support to effectively improve your writing skills. Whether you are struggling with grammatical structures or aiming to refine your expression, our training is designed to address individual weaknesses. Through practical exercises (such as writing emails, job applications, resumes, letters, etc.) and personalized correction of your texts, we help you perfect your writing skills.

Bavarian Course

Servus to TANDEM!
Discover the fascinating Bavarian culture and language and learn about the regional differences. Bavarian has a number of regional words and expressions that are not understood in other parts of the German-speaking world. The grammar is also very different from standard High German. In this course you will learn the most important everyday Bavarian vocabulary.

Course fees 2024

Additional modules for German grammar, conversation, regional studies, pronunciation
and phonetics, writing training, Bavarian
(Classroom or hybrid courses)
2 teaching units (TU) per week
per week
per month
€ 20,00
€ 80,00
Course duration: 4 weeks per module

Information on the German additional modules

  • Small groups: 3 to 10 participants
  • 2 teaching units (TU) per week (1 TU = 45 min)
  • Course duration: 4 weeks per module
  • Teaching day: Friday
  • Class times: 09.30 a.m. to 11.00 a.m. or 11.30 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.
  • Minimum age: 18 years

The school is closed on the following public holidays:

2024: 06.01; 29.03; 01.04; 01.05; 09.05; 20.05; 30.05; 15.08; 03.10; 01.11 and from 21.12.2024 to 07.01.2025

There are no replacement lessons for those missed because of a public holiday.