German B2 exam

Please register with this form and upload a copy of your passport or ID card with your registration.

Examination fee 2023: € 170

German B2 exam Munich

External candidates may also sit the German B2 examination.

telc German B2 examination

German B2 examination

TANDEM Munich is an authorised telc exam centre for the preparation and the administration of the German B2 examination which is required for a work permit for the medical professions. The exam takes place 5 times a year. Please register with this form and upload a copy of your passport or ID card with your registration.

Compared to the B1 certificate in German, candidates who pass the telc German B2 examination demonstrate with this certificate that they can express themselves confidently in almost all general and business communication situations at significantly higher language levels. At level B2 you can express yourself clearly and in detail, as well as debate and negotiate successfully. You can apply a large vocabulary to your own field of specialisation and most topics in general. Your grammar is correct most of the time. You will need to have completed around 640 - 720 lesson units in order to pass the B2 exam.

The telc German B2 exam consists of two parts:

1. Written examination (approx. 140 minutes)
- reading
- language elements
- listening comprehension
- productive writing

2. Oral examination (approx. 15 minutes, with 20 minutes of preparation time / 2 examiners for each pair of 2 candidates together)
- interview / getting to know you
- talking about a topic
- solving a task together

TANDEM is licensed by telc GmbH to administer the Deutsch B2 examination. You can prepare for the exam B2 as well as register for and take it.

German B2 exam dates 2023

Exam Exam dates Registration deadline Register now!
Zertifikat Deutsch B2 Fr./Sat. 17 + 18/11/23 30/10/23 REGISTRATION

Examination fee telc Deutsch B2 2023

Examination fee  
telc Deutsch B2 € 170

Further information about Zertifikat Deutsch B2 is available here.

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