• Conditions

Conditions of participation for our German courses

1. Registration

Conditions of enrolment

Please fill in and send us your registration. We will send you your confirmation and ask you to pay the first instalment of your fee:

• for all intensive, special intensive and summer courses: €uro 200.-
• for evening courses: €uro 50.-
• for mini-group and individual courses: 10 units in advance.

If you need a visa to attend a German course, we will need an initial payment of € 200.- for each month of your course enrolment. Once this payment has been received, we will send you confirmation of enrolment which you can present to the German embassy in your home country.

Please contact a German embassy or consulate for information on visa requirements. You will find the addresses of all German embassies here.

All fees charged by the bank (also PayPal fees) are to be paid by the student.

2. Public holidays and course content

2.1. There are no language course classes on public holidays.
2.2. TANDEM Munich offers its courses as face-to-face, online or hybrid courses.
2.3. We reserve the right to make changes to the course content.

3. Terms of payment

3.1. Students are required to pay their fees on time. All fees for our classes must be paid by the second course day at the latest. Fees for mini-groups and private lessons must be paid in advance.

3.2. If a student does not attend the classes or discontinues attendance before the course ends, we reserve the right to demand the fee for the entire course, as well as any accommodation rent payment due for the entire course (when applicable).

4. Price reduction

As specified in the programme, pupils, students, au-pairs and the unemployed are entitled to a price reduction upon presentation of valid identification.

5. Service fee

A service fee is charged for all German intensive courses. This fee is due for payment on the first day of classes.

6. Cancellation

6.1. Cancellation is possible at any time before the course starts. In some cases, registration for a later language course will be accepted instead. A cancellation must be made in writing. A booking for a substitute student may be accepted.

6.2. If cancellation is received no less than six weeks before the course is due to start, payment of an administration fee of € 50.- will be required. We will refund any amount paid in advance that is in excess of € 50.-

6.3. For cancellation at a later date, a fee will be charged for costs incurred, i.e. a minimum of € 50.- or no more than a maximum of the full course fees.

6.4. If a student discontinues a language course for reasons for which TANDEM München e.V. cannot be held responsible, fees or parts thereof will not be refunded. Outstanding unpaid fees will be due for payment.

6.5. Private lessons & mini-group courses: In exceptional cases, a planned class may be cancelled by the student(s) up to 24 hrs before it is due to take place. Should a planned class be cancelled within the immediately preceding 24 hrs, full payment will be required.

6.6. Fees for classes missed by students cannot be refunded nor can such classes be rescheduled for a later date.

7. Cancellation by students with visa requirements

If a special visa has been granted for attending the German course, participation is binding, and a withdrawal is generally not possible. However, if a student applicant is refused a visa, TANDEM München e.V. will reimburse any down payment, retaining an administration fee of € 100.-, but will only do so upon presentation of written confirmation of the visa refusal by the German embassy or immigration office.

8. Student responsibility

Every student is responsible for him/herself. The school cannot be held responsible for possible losses, damage or injury to persons or property. We recommend that students take out liability, accident and health insurance prior attendance.

9. Accommodation service

The reservation of a room is only possible if the student has registered for a German intensive, super-intensive or summer course.

10. Non-implementation

Should enrolment numbers for a course be too low, or if it becomes impossible to hold a course due to circumstances beyond our control, TANDEM München e.V. reserves the right to cancel any such course, or, with the agreement of its registered participants, to shorten its duration or to replace the course with a corresponding number of private lessons. In such cases, the registered participants will be informed in due time before the start of the course.

11. Data security

With their consent, students' details are processed electronically. At no time will any personal data be passed on or made available to third parties.

12. Place and Court of Jurisdiction

12.1. Place and Court of Jurisdiction is Munich, Germany.
12.2. German law applies.